A few days ago I realized it was fall. Let’s not kid ourselves. The leaves are changing colour, some of them are falling, and we can’t go out in our bare arms at night so much anymore. So, I thought to myself, if I can’t laze in the sun, then it’s time to start thinking about entertainment over the next few months. Such as artists and bands I can’t wait to see live. And that’s how I started digging around to find this year’s not-to-be-missed artists and groups.  Check out our favourite ones, made in Canada only. And if you’re like us and you listen to a little bit of everything, well, your ears are going to thank you real soon. Speaking of thank you, a shout out to Pop Montreal who drew up a list of amazing Canadian artists playing this year.

Our 2016 faves

Witch Prophet

If you’re looking for Black Experimental Music, Ayo Leilani has the magic touch. Creative mix of soul, pop, and R&B, her music is an altogether rare concoction sprinkled with controversial lyrics that’ll cast a spell over anyone. For those of you lucky enough to be in Toronto in November, don’t miss out on the experience at the Art Gallery of Ontario’s first Thursdays.

Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire
New Brunswick

New Brunswick’s Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire invite you to come along for the ride with their album, Touche-moi pas là. We’re crazy about their song “Regarde-Moi” and its ironic portrait of our narcissistic society as well as its singularly hilarious and catchy lyrics. By the way, the band is a finalist at the ADISQ Awards in the Alternative Album of the Year category and will be playing on September 22nd at Petit Campus as part of the Pop Montréal festival. Yes, we’ve already got our tickets.

Folly and the Hunter

We all know Canada is famous for its indie-folk scene, and rightly so. This year, the world of Folly and the Hunter drew me in. Their album, Awake, is great from start to finish and on repeat. The group is currently touring Europe, but hopefully they’ll be playing at home when they get back.

Ben Gunning

When it comes to experimental pop, Ben is my boy. Listening to his album Massive Love over and over again never scratches my turntable, even though the lyrics are difficult to fully understand. Crossing my fingers that he’ll be headlining soon.

Andy Shauf

Andy Shauf came into our lives by accident one fine summer’s day during a musical procrastination session on Spotify. His soft, comforting voice charmed us, as did his latest album, The Party, nominated for a 2016 Polaris Award. Perfect for listening to with a warm cup of coffee on a cool fall day.

Klô Pelgag

The world of Klô Pelgag is unique and full of poetry. She makes me want to dance naked on a beach while watching the sun set. I know, that’s cheesy. Anyway, great news, she’ll be playing at Club Soda on November 4th in Montreal and in Terrebonne in February.

Artists performing at this year’s POP Montreal festival

The other good news is that POP is spoiling us in Montreal this week with concerts by 400 artists in 5 days. For the occasion, they’ve shared with us their favourite artists from across the country.

Not You
Nova Scotia, Halifax

The Nova Scotian post-punk ensemble will play at Brasserie Beaubien on September 24 th.

Un Blonde

His album, Good Will Come to You, released last May, is a melodious mix of gospel, R&B, and experimental. Un Blonde will be live on September 22nd at Casa Del Popolo to take us on a ride to his strange world.

Crystal Eyes

When I hear this subtle mix of alt pop-rock and garage, I feel like I’m a teen in 90s London. Really. Catch the band from Calgary at Barlfly on September 24th


Consilience will be at Cagibi on September 24th, Mile End Style. Get spellbound by their electric pop.

Girlfriends & Boyfriends

This New Wave band from Vancouver sends us a delicious blend of dream-pop and post-punk. They’ll be live at Barfly on September 24th along with Crystal Eyes.


Motherhood is an Acadian art rock and rock’n roll band. They’ll be playing on September 23rd at the O Patro Vys art gallery


BizZarh’s futuristic funk induces some hip-swaying action I can’t control. Which is why I’m thrilled that this duo is taking us on their cosmic journey on September 22nd at Brasserie Beaubien.

Helena Deland

Helena’s voice, her warm tone, and the instrumental gravitating around her are a pleasure to listen to.

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