10 basic rules of hostel etiquette

August 18, 2016By Samuel LangloisHI Fives, Toolbox

Staying in hostels has so many advantages, starting by the savings and the chance to meet amazing people. But living with strangers 24/7 can also be a challenge. Especially if you share my curse: invariably there is at least one loud snorer in my room. I have no control over this and I’ve come to … Read More

5 Canadian HI hostels by the beach

August 11, 2016By Gisela SleizerOh Canada!

Summer is the perfect season to plan a trip across the country. Actually, so is winter. And fall. And Spring. Whatever! The point is, there a few spots you just cannot miss. Some open all year long, but some only function during the summer season, so we’d like to throw the below on your bucket … Read More

A summer of Canadian Festivals

July 7, 2016By Guest BloggerOh Canada!

Summers in Canada are short, but full of activity. From coast to coast, the country is teeming with festivals of all kinds. From theatre to music to film, Canada will keep tourists and locals busy through the summer months. Here are some summer highlights for 2016. Maritimes Halifax, Nova Scotia Shakespeare by the Sea July … Read More

Staying fit while backpacking

June 10, 2016By Erin ThompsonToolbox

We’ve all been there – on vacation for a while, eating all the delicious food on all the ‘must try’ lists in every city you visit, drinking nightly, and not necessarily keeping up with the gym schedule you had going before you left. If your trip is only a week or two, it’s really not … Read More

5 Reasons Hostels are better than Hotels

April 18, 2016By Katherine ZeltToolbox

If you’re planning any kind of vacation in the near future, you should seriously consider staying in a hostel over a hotel. Hostelling is an amazing way to save money, meet new people and try new things so forget any preconceived ideas you might have about it. Here are 5 great reasons hostels are indeed BETTER … Read More

Your Guide to Backpacking Cuba Like a Pro

April 13, 2016By Gisela Sleizer'Round the world

Last year I had a pretty specific wanderlust-panic attack episode and I am sure I was not the only one. I thought, “OMG I gotta see Cuba before it becomes capitalist!” Now that I’ve been there and conversed with pretty much every single local in my path, I understand that change will not be as … Read More

What kind of Hosteller are you?

March 30, 2016By Guest BloggerToolbox

From the staunch traditionalist packing little more than a change of underwear and a few ZigZag papers to the tricked-out ‘flashpacker’ (an obnoxious buzz word in the industry) carting a laptop, iPod and wheely luggage – hostel managers see all kinds of people every day. Each faces challenges adapting his or her travelling style to hostel life. What type of … Read More