Ottawa is not boring and i’ll tell you why: It’s got Jeff.

November 18, 2016By GaelOh Canada!

Let’s admit it. Ottawa is preceded by a reputation of being a boring, governmental town.  You can only believe this until you meet Jeff. Jeff has Ottawa tattooed on his heart, right next to the Senators’ logo. If I’d never had any biology class, I’d think water from the Rideau Canal was running through his … Read More

7 Quick & Cheap Hostel Meals

November 17, 2016By Kathleen MurphyToolbox

We often run short on time and money when travelling, but that’s no reason to get out of habit and lose taste for good things. Especially at a time when we tend to sleep less and party more. Preparing your own meals is a great place to start. Not only do you save money, but … Read More

Tern Magazine : Beyond Borders

October 21, 2016By Tern StaffHI News

We’re thrilled to be dropping our fall issue of Tern Magazine: Beyond Borders. Inside this issue, stories go beyond the where and when and get into the nitty gritty of the why. It’s about why we travel and what we get from it on a personal and emotional level. We have an article from Lindsay … Read More

Five incredible Berlin neighbourhoods

October 12, 2016By Marie Demers'Round the world

The German capital has a fascinating story and a unique vibe. Its streets are cut and crisscrossed by the Spree River so unlike most European towns, there is no clear city center. Instead, there are five incredible neighbourhoods to discover: Mitte, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Neukölln et Prenzlauer Berg. Mitte It’s easternmost limit hits huge avenue Karl-Marx-Allee … Read More