Your Guide to Backpacking Cuba Like a Pro

April 13, 2016By Gisela Sleizer'Round the world

Last year I had a pretty specific wanderlust-panic attack episode and I am sure I was not the only one. I thought, “OMG I gotta see Cuba before it becomes capitalist!” Now that I’ve been there and conversed with pretty much every single local in my path, I understand that change will not be as … Read More

Our wallet-friendly guide to Rio de Janeiro

February 8, 2016By Marie Demers'Round the world

If you’ve spent all your money on sequins and feathers for your Carnival costume, don’t despair! The list of free and awesome things to discover in Rio de Janeiro is a as long as it is diverse. Here are a few of our favourites. FAVELAS It’s impossible to talk about Brazil without mentioning favelas. These … Read More

Shimokitazawa (or hipster) Tokyo

January 13, 2015By Marie Demers'Round the world

Away from the urban frenzy, the din, the neon lights and large chains of the Japenese Times Square called Shibuya, the small Shimokitazawa district is characterized by its bohemian air. Here are some discoveries made during a day wandering the winding streets of this trendy and charming haven in the heart Tokyo. Shimokitazawa in Tokyo … Read More