Discovering Austin

January 10, 2017By Béatrice Bernard-Poulin'Round the world

Texas’ capital, Austin, is on a lot of bucket lists —and with reason! The city’s motto is “Keep Austin Weird,” which should give you and idea of what to expect. Nonetheless, here’s how to make the best of it. Where To Eat Austin is a foodies’ town. You will eat well and you will eat … Read More

How do you travel sustainably?

December 15, 2016By Eleanor Isdale'Round the world

Do you make sure to reuse towels or plastic water bottles? Flick off switches and pull out chargers when leaving your room for the day? Take shorter showers? Or make a point to stay somewhere that works towards responsible and sustainable business? We all know that travel is one of those experiences that you pay for, yet feel richer … Read More

Five incredible Berlin neighbourhoods

October 12, 2016By Marie Demers'Round the world

The German capital has a fascinating story and a unique vibe. Its streets are cut and crisscrossed by the Spree River so unlike most European towns, there is no clear city center. Instead, there are five incredible neighbourhoods to discover: Mitte, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Neukölln et Prenzlauer Berg. Mitte It’s easternmost limit hits huge avenue Karl-Marx-Allee … Read More

Choosing bunks over kings

September 16, 2016By Guest Blogger'Round the world, Toolbox

The words “check-in” are music to your ears. Even when you’re home you begin conversations instinctively by asking “where are you from?” Admit it: you’ve been in a hostel once or twice before, and I’m sure I don’t need to convince you that they are the greatest accommodation option out there. But you may need … Read More