10 basic rules of hostel etiquette

August 18, 2016By Samuel LangloisHI Fives, Toolbox

Staying in hostels has so many advantages, starting by the savings and the chance to meet amazing people. But living with strangers 24/7 can also be a challenge. Especially if you share my curse: invariably there is at least one loud snorer in my room. I have no control over this and I’ve come to … Read More

One Pint To Another: A Journey Of Beer Across Canada

June 13, 2014By Samuel LangloisOh Canada!

From coast to coast, Canadians are witnessing a revolution that gives beer its credentials as the oldest beverage in the world. In villages and small towns of every region, microbreweries are popping up and revitalizing communities. These institutions attract new visitors, radiate outside their borders and become sources of local pride. Many of them organize … Read More

A survival guide for studying in Montreal

September 1, 2013By Samuel LangloisOh Canada!, Toolbox

Now that you have finished all your exams you are ready to live your dream and study in Montreal! With nearly 200,000 students in four universities (two French and two English) and many other schools, the city is bursting with endless activities and is an inspiring place to study. But arriving and setting up a … Read More

Road trippin’ in Gaspésie

April 26, 2013By Samuel LangloisOh Canada!

Going on a road trip has to be one of the best things in life! A group of friends in a car, lots of laughter, too much coffee, good music, bad music, and unexpected twists, turns and detours that turn into unforgettable memories. There are some legendary road trips to take, like crossing Canada from … Read More