7 Podcasts for Your Next Road Trip

March 13, 2017By Gisela SleizerOh Canada!, Toolbox

I live in Montreal (it’s okay, don’t be jealous, just come visit!) but my family lives in Toronto, so I travel there often. I used to gallantly take the train for each trip (using my HI Member discount, of course!), and spend those hours in transit working, studying or catching up with the latest cat … Read More

5 Canadian HI hostels by the beach

August 11, 2016By Gisela SleizerOh Canada!

Summer is the perfect season to plan a trip across the country. Actually, so is winter. And fall. And Spring. Whatever! The point is, there a few spots you just cannot miss. Some open all year long, but some only function during the summer season, so we’d like to throw the below on your bucket … Read More

Your Guide to Backpacking Cuba Like a Pro

April 13, 2016By Gisela Sleizer'Round the world

Last year I had a pretty specific wanderlust-panic attack episode and I am sure I was not the only one. I thought, “OMG I gotta see Cuba before it becomes capitalist!” Now that I’ve been there and conversed with pretty much every single local in my path, I understand that change will not be as … Read More