Discovering Austin

January 10, 2017By Béatrice Bernard-Poulin'Round the world

Texas’ capital, Austin, is on a lot of bucket lists —and with reason! The city’s motto is “Keep Austin Weird,” which should give you and idea of what to expect. Nonetheless, here’s how to make the best of it. Where To Eat Austin is a foodies’ town. You will eat well and you will eat … Read More

The Best Coffee(s) in Canada

November 17, 2014By Béatrice Bernard-PoulinOh Canada!

It might be the colder weather, or the days getting shorter, but I’ve been having more and more cravings for good coffee. And even if some Europeans insist on saying that there is no good coffee in Canada (the first result of a Google search for “best coffee in Canada” comes up with “McDonald’s? Tim … Read More